The genesis of Inside Care

For years I suffered from acne. After trying all the possible treatments (topical, medicated, antibiotics, skin washes, change of contraceptives…) I did the Roaccutane® treatment. To sum up, it is the strongest treatment that exists on the French market. It has many side effects, which can even cause mental disorders. The year after my treatment, I had perfect skin. And then my acne came back. I consulted my dermatologist who (re)prescribed this treatment for an additional 6 months. And then, 1 year later, my acne came back again… It was out of the question to start this treatment a third time, which was far too heavy. At the end of 2019, I saw many French brands entering the nutri-cosmetics market (Aime skincare, D-LAB, D+ for care, etc.). In 2020 when I moved to Montreal in Canada, I wanted to test a local alternative to all these French brands. My search criteria were as follows: Food supplements specially formulated for acne 100% Quebecois (the health crisis has shown us how important it is to promote the local economy) Based on scientific studies Approved by Health Canada I have searched in many brands and I couldn't find any brand that met my requirements, so I decided to create it. Today, I am proud to offer a new approach to 100% Quebec skincare, based on scientific studies and approved by Health Canada.

Notre histoire

Did you know that skin regenerates from within?

Le début de l'aventure avec Olivier

Lorna Wood et Olivier Rollin
Les fondateurs
“En lançant Inside Care, notre objectif était d'améliorer le mode de vie, la santé et le bien-être de chacun.
Prendre soin de soi, ça passe surtout par l’intérieur. Bien manger, s’hydrater, faire du sport, s’oxygéner…
On a voulu proposer une nouvelle approche des soins de la peau axée sur la santé et le bien-être.”

Développement durable